Knife Sharpening

BeSharp Sharpening booth at Potter's Nursery, Langley, BC

Knife Sharpening and Repair

Twice As Sharp For Twice As Long!

Knife repairs on low speed machines prevents the steel from overheating (and softening). Repairs may include:

  • Repairing broken tips
  • Removing chips from edges
  • Straightening dips ("swales") from edges
  • Grinding down finger guards ("bolsters") so knife edges rest flat on cutting boards
  • Ergonomically rounding off top edge

The key to knife repairs, especially to expensive Japanese knives such as Global, Miyabi, and Shun is a variable-speed machine. I built such a machine as none was commercially available. This means grinding away as little steel as possible while preserving the hardness of the steel that you paid a lot of money for!

Machines calibrated to within 1/10 of a mm means edges twice as sharp as factory. Your benefit: edges stay sharp for at least twice as long!

Some knife repair pictures below: