BeSharp Sharpening van near 1539 Johnson Road, White Rock


Mobile service: I can come to you!
  • 10 am - 4 pm


Dull tools? Call; I’ll sharpen them!
  • (604) 245-6663


Over $150? Free return shipping!
  • Richmond, B.C.

About BeSharp

Twice As Sharp For Twice As Long!

Salon hairdresser shears are done on a special machine. Regular scissor machines will ruin your expensive shears!

I sharpen knives using Dr. Vadim Kraichuk's protocols and software, resulting in edges twice as sharp as new and staying sharp for twice as long.

His protocols uses trigonometry's Cosine Law so that all sharpening machines and buffers sharpen and hone within 1/10 of a degree angle. Calculations are done with his smartphone apps.

The last step is stropping with a kangaroo tail.

Knives are tested with a BESS Sharpness Tester to verify them being twice as sharp as when new.

BeSharp Sharpening booth at Potter's Nursery, Langley, BC

Why BeSharp

Usually within 48 hours. Mobile service is within 1-2 hours.
All knives are tested with a BESS sharpness tester. I write the BESS score on the knife with a washable marker. Wash it before use!
Dr. Vadim Kraichuk's research (on YouTube) shows that when a knife is sharpened to BESS of 120 or less, the edge lasts at least twice as long.
Since repairs requires collecting PST, I only "adjust" or "eliminate" knife chips or other problems.
BeSharp is the best value because when knives are at least twice as sharp as new, they also stay sharp for twice as long.

BeSharp's Prices

Shears & Scissors
$10 and up
Salon (bevel) $25
Salon (convex) $35
Fabric $20
Pinking $25
Kitchen $10
Left-hand add $10
$10 and up
Kitchen $10 - $20
Cleaver $20
Japanese $15 - $25
Serrated $20
EDC & Hunting $20
Ceramic $30
Garden Tools
$10 and up
Pruners, bypass $10
Pruners, anvil $15
Axes $15
Loppers $15 - $20
Grass shears $20
$5 and up
Tweezers $5
Surgical scissors $15
Podiatry nippers $15
(Tweezers and surgical
scissors done onsite)