Best value kitchen knife is Victorinox, the company famous for their Swiss Army knives. The standard line is Victorinox Fibrox. Even better is Victorinox SWIBO, distinguished by their orange handles.

IMHO, Victorinox’s steel is as good as German Henckels Twin or Wusthöf. This makes, a Victorinox chef knife a great value at $60, compared to $150 for a Henckels or Wusthöf. 

About the only downside to Victorinox is they look rather “plain jane”. If you want a cool looking knife for your high end kitchen, then this might not be for you.

You can buy Victorinox at Stuffers Supply Company in Langley.

The top picture shows that new SWIBO at 425 BESS – which cuts newspaper, but is not really that sharp. Below, after I sharpened it, it is now at 45 BESS – which is sharper than a double edge razor (50 BESS).